At the upper end of the Ruined Walls there is the broad expanse of Heroes' Square, its central area taken up by a large, rectangular pool. On the left-hand side of the square is a wall in the form of an immense, unfurled banner, on which are the words: "An iron wind was blowing in their faces, but on they came. Once more the enemy was gripped by fear: was it mere men who were attacking them? Were they mortal?" On the right-hand side of Heroes' Square are six sculptural compositions. The pool on Heroes' Square measures 26 by 86 metres; it is faced with slabs of grey granite. The banner-wall is built of brick, and is set on a concrete base: it is 112 metres long, 8 metres high, and 1 metre thick. The six sculptures are of reinforced concrete, and each is 6 metres high, standing on a base 1 metre in height.
Sculpture 1: "The Last Grenade"
Sculpture 2: "Help Me, Sister!"
Sculpture 3: "Striped Death"
Sculpture 4: Heroism of the Soviet commanding officers
Sculpture 5: Two Soviet soldiers with Standard
Sculpture 6: Symbol of the Victory