The winding path to the top of Mamayev Kurgan leads to the main monument of memorial complex, the symbolic statue of the Motherland., a mother standing guard over her country, her raised sword threatening to destroy any who dare to invade her land, and calling on her sons to follow her example. The statue of the Motherland is the focal point of the ensemble. From its base the whole of the memorial complex and the city stretched out below can be seen.
The statue is 52 metres high, and is made from block of reinforced concrete; not counting the foundation on which the statue stands, 5500 tons of concrete and 2400 tons of metal units were used in constructing the monument. The sword, made from stainless stell, is 29 metres long and weighs 14 tons. An aperture has been left in the sword blade to reduce wind resistance. The hanging part of the scarf weighs 250 tons. The statue stands on a plinth, just over 2 metres thick, which in turn rests on the main foundation. This foundation is 16 metres in height, but mostly covered with earth. The statue not fixed to the plinth by anything but its own weight. At night the statue is illuminated by floodlights.